No Days Off Productions is a young and innovative audiovisual production company based in Los Angeles, California thats roots are grounded in the world of filmmaking and independent cinema. No Days Off Productions strives to deliver alternative and original media, with a preference in content that focuses on #emotional, #motivational, and #conceptual.

After years of experience in social/web video production, our belief is that the best way to reach people is delivering strong visual and cinematic content that can quickly attract and maintain attention through storytelling. This increases content visualization, interaction and sharing.

No Days Off Productions is able, from a brief or idea, to manage all aspects of the creative path in audio and video fields (cinematography, directing, casting, editing, audio engineering, filming, recording etc…), delivering a complete and professional product to the client.

No Days Off Productions is not just production or a service company. No Days Off Productions is a brand. No Days Off Productions gives an original imprint to all the work it is involved with. No Days Off Production is the perfect partner for corporations, companies, and artists that want to capture their audience with strong #emotional content.

No Days Off Productions  was founded by the meeting of two different personalities from the same world. Gian Shaw, California actor/producer/fitness specialist, and Peter Pahor, Italian director/composer/producer. After collaborating on several successful projects the two decided to bring their energy, ideas, and style of their international combination to form a production company. No Days Off Productions combines the energy and innovation of the United States with the artistic and creative vision of European tradition by partnering with the client and following the creative process from the beginning of the idea to the final end product.